3 people loved DanMoffTarkin’s jam Running Gun

wessonthelesson  Mike Wesson

Into Etta James, The Beatles, The Kinks, Siouxsie and the Banshees…

“Musician, Music Teacher. I also have some blood in my music stream”

shitsterbauer  Shit Shitsterbauer

Into Little Willie John, Joe Jones, Betty James, Sugar Pie DeSanto…

“This was the best place. I'm going to miss it terribly. Heard thousands of great songs and met some real characters. I was also @sweetbabyshades and @bothkinds and I collaborated with @dacia on @JiveT…”

ZachsMind  Zachariah Mentalioso

Into Bruce Hornsby, Saint Motel, Lindsey Buckingham, Gil Scott-Heron…

“We moved to LetsLoop.com to keep the party going. The Jam is dead. Long live The Jam. Thanks to the ppl behind the scenes for keeping the party going as long as you did.”