3 people loved HayleyLeier’s jam Bette Davis Eyes

carolelh  Carole Hunt

Into Harry Nilsson, Kate Bush, Supertramp, Earth Wind and Fire…

“Mainly old stuff!”

brianberrington  Brian Berrington

Into Grace Love and the True Loves, Mary Wells, The Drifters, Brenda Lee…

“Lives in Manchester, England home of the great Man City. All this talk of getting older is getting me down my love. IT'S BEEN A BLAST!”

IAmMrDexB  Dex Bracewell

Into Sandra Kim, CHVRCHES, Perfume, Bardo…

“Young, synth-obsessed maniac with a sense of humour and TGWTG, who also is a media student with hopes to control his own company. He also hates the guts of Simon Cowell! #BOOProductions #LGBTI Also a…”