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eyespyhifi  Neo Consumer

Into Them, Small Faces, The Staple Singers, Simon & Garfunkel…

“Northerner down south, music nut, coffee-a-holic, pacifist, leftist, reluctant aviator & erst-while cheesy quaver. Choose Life. http://goo.gl/9EP0X7”

tunnelblankets  Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike

Into Neutral Milk Hotel, Mogwai, Elliott Smith, Beach House…

“I Hate Myself. ;___;”

peterseno  Peter Seno

Into Ella Fitzgerald, Neil Young, Billie Holiday, Lauren Bacall…

“Nothing much worth knowing and certainly nothing worth telling. What little may be of interest I leave to other people's songs so feel free to go & "have a listen".”