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Great jam

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Sorry to get back late about the Importance of being Idle, I read at the time that someone, (I thought it was the guy from Elbow but their continued amicability probably refutes that) went to Noel's place and excitedly played him many of the songs from their new album happy at Noel's enthusiasm and keenness to learn the chords, only to find them faithfully recreated on the new Oasis album. I seem to remember the songwriter, went away and wrote a song "Uncle Noel's coming to Tea" about the event

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It might be fake, and perhaps I shouldn't perpetuate it based on such flimsy evidence. But this is all I can find. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/topic/7876-oasis-in-trouble-again/

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@will_george Woah, I never knew that. I hope it's not true! Although if it were true I'm sure there would have been a much bigger shitstorm (pardon my language) about it all. But either way, it is a great song :D

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YES! This has to be in like my...top three songs of all time. Seriously.

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Great jam.