3 people loved OBLuchion’s jam Cold Rock A Party (8beat mashup)


Into Cream, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Monty Python's Flying Circus…

“I love exploring different stuff. I am Axol on Letsloop, Nusiki & God's JukeBox as is @BluesCat for the Blues”

OBLuchion  Olivia Bati Luchion

Into Sia, Jill Scott, A Tribe Called Quest feat. Faith Evans, Kanye West…

“I love to go out dancing. I believe this influences the songs that I chose as my current jams. I'm keeping it cool, style wise. I was on an unfortunate path, and now things are looking up.”

AnnaCisneros78  Anna Cisneros

Into Bob Marley, The Temptations, The Rolling Stones, The Doors…