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Into Harry Nilsson, Arthur Russell, Cyril Neville, Mississippi Fred McDowell (feat. Annie Mae McDowell)…

““Music is the only religion that delivers the goods." - F. Zappa ❖ "I see my life in terms of music." - A. Einstein jboxer.bandcamp.com ❖ 8tracks.com/jboxer ❖ soundcloud.com/UnderdogPop ❖ reddwarfcom…”

permanentplural  Sarah Hoyles

Into france gall, Vogue Dots, my morning jacket, The Jesus and Mary Chain…

“ckua radiomaker, music lovah, sustainability seeker, pseudo vegetarian + furkid snuggler”

Gildy55  Random Gildersleeve

Into Peggy Lee, The Will Bronson Chorus / Tony Bennett, Glen Campbell, Keely Smith…

“A love of music, radio listening and food. A new life. Not through choice but doing so alone.Time having passed by too quickly and passing too fast. And a uncertain future.”