3 people loved Samuel_Erkison’s jam Ghazal (Gazelle)

gnoinc  Nicolas Olano

Into Édith Piaf, Ray Charles, Tito Puente, Ella Fitzgerald…

“I need more music in my life. Too much noise right now.”

ndreasa  Andreas Jansson

Into The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Nico, Elizabeth Cotten, ???…

“Programmer on www.thisismyjam.com. Send me a tweet if you find a bug, and I'll cry a little.”

roamin  drifts drones electroacoustic idm minimal & glitch

Into Language of Landscape, Steve Gibbs, Christina Vantzou, Young Marble Giants…

“A dweller on the streams, handy the confluence of MIXCLOUD SOUNDCLOUD & THIS IS MY JAM, I make occasional day trips to… (edit…) Now up & running on GODS JUKEBOX & LETS LOOP”