3 people loved alistairhobdell’s jam SUGAR CUBES - regina

Onefellswoop  Nezzo Tatters

Into Pixies, The Beatles, The White Stripes, The Smiths…

“Songs what i like, came n went a lot so far on myJam, but we enjoyed every bit and found a lot of great stuff”

LarryLootsteen  Larry Lootsteen

Into Dear Rouge, Joy Division, Wolf Alice, Kirsty MacColl…

“Did I mention I like indie bands? I do! Bands like @harvestbreed_ @bauermusic_ @TheUptights @slowreadersclub @clockworkradio are worth checking out!”

boredofthis  boy fraser

Into The Smiths, The Stone Roses, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley…

“I like to write light verse from dark thoughts, like an emo Ogden Nash. Find me at poorphraser.tumblr.com”