Jam shut down in 2015 and—after an opt-out period—these Archives are now officially unsupported. If you'd like to contact us or request data removal, you can still email us at contact@thisismyjam.com; every so often we do a manual cull. Thanks in advance for your patience in dealing with your requests.


If you want to follow what the team is up to now, this is Team Jam on the internet:


If you’re looking for a member of the Jam community, you might find them via the official Jam Facebook Page or among our Twitter followers.

A few alternatives to Jam have popped up! Check out God’s Jukebox, Nusiki, Let’s Loop, or Cymbal. You may just find some fellow Jam members over on those :)


The Jam API is officially unsupported, but we’d love to know what you make if you use it for anything! You can get in touch at api@thisismyjam.com.

Legal Stuff

Our community guidelines state what is acceptable in the Jam Archives. All music on Jam streams directly from 3rd-party music services, but if you have concerns you can consult our our DMCA policy.