3 people loved craigjohnson75’s jam America (Young Bombs Remix)

irishtulip24  Erin Stoel

Into Eurythmics, Over the Rhine, The Paper Kites, Nikki Lane…

“Experiences a thoroughly sensory, multi-dimensional & slightly skewed world while jamming to the soundtrack in my head.”

junglerock  bill hartnett

Into Ol' Dirty Bastard, Wendy and Bonnie, Marvin Gaye, Sugar Pie DeSanto…

“stripmining the internets for remarkable ephemera. show me the music!”

AnSpailpin  An Spailpín

Into Phil Collins, Ben E. King, The Righteous Brothers, B.B. King…

“Optimistically living life to the full in the sun with the rest of the 'Rain Geese',catching up on neglected reading & dusting down old L.P's. Always watching the wheels turn, listening & learning to …”