The Jam API

This Is My Jam was a community of music lovers, sharing their taste one song at a time from late 2011 to September 2015.

The website is now in archive mode, but we’ve left the read-only portions of our API online for (gentle!) developer use. We hope to make some general-purpose data dumps available soon, and will also be posting some code to our Github page.

Getting started

Dig into the API documentation.

API usage guidelines

  • If you have an existing API key, do continue to use it.
  • Read and abide by our API terms and suggestions in our FAQ. If you stream music from 3rd parties (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc), comply with their respective terms too.
  • Don't use our API in commercial products without talking to us first. We’re friendly (albeit busy on other projects), but just drop us a line to discuss.
  • Please consider this API unsupported, any bugs may not be fixed.

Get in touch

Have more questions? Suggestions? Send an email to, but please keep in mind we no longer officially support the API.