3 people loved gingerbeardman’s jam HARDROCKLOVER

H185MAN  Mike O'Connor

Into Billy Mackenzie, The Velvet Underground, The Sugarhill Gang, The Rezillos…

“Dread, dread, dreadful...”

drauks  Daniel Söderström

Into Tame Impala, Shuggie Otis, Black Sabbath, Shirley Ann Lee…

“drauks on Cymbal.fm http://www.godsjukebox.com/selections/username/drauks”

tpjdavies  Toby Davies

Into Sly & The Family Stone, Ben E. King, The Kingsmen, Nick Drake…

“Dj for 30 years but have a proper job too which interferes with my listening time.Love discovering new stuff from various genres.”