3 people loved gtcro’s jam Live at 924 Gilman

birddog  Todd Patrick

Into Bob Mould, LCD Soundsystem, The Zombies, Led Zeppelin…

“Hey nineteen, that's 'retha Franklin.”

MoiMateo  MoiMateo

Into Yasiin Gaye, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Machine, Jack White…

“Compte officiel de la zik-team MoiMateo, la seule qui ouvre vos cages à miel ! http://facebook.com/TeamMoiMateo/”

mloup  Mat Loup

Into Johnny Nash, The Dandy Warhols, Cornershop, N.W.A…

“Chelsea fan now living on Canada's West Coast. Music tastes ranges from funk and hip-hop through pop all the way to opera (sometimes). Happily married to @JoLoup http://2012.jamodyssey.com/mloup”