What people said about hsmagnet’s jam If I Didn't Care

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6 years, 25 days ago


First discovered this song, and many other gems whilst playing through Bioshock 1 & 2. An excellent choice that fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly, and a good choice by you for posting it.

6 years, 24 days ago


@rexter42 bioshock 1 was the bomba. 2 was still good, but not quite .....something and thanks!

6 years, 24 days ago


nothimg like the older music

6 years, 24 days ago


@hsmagnet True, Bioshock two wasn't quite the same, but I still enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to Infinite, assuming it isn't pushed back further

6 years, 22 days ago


soooo nice...ch