3 people loved lavoie’s jam Farewell Transmission

doqtor  Denis

Into Courtney Barnett, Spoon, Bill Callahan, Sufjan Stevens…

“They say the moment you stop following new music you become old. So I'm here to stay young.”

BelloDiNotte  Adam Mickiewicz

Into Beach House, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Yo La Tengo, Palace Music…

“What occupies me, pays a low rent.”

HappyZebra  Marta Ł.

Into Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Animals…

“I love music, Kerouac, my cat & nougat. Hopelessly sensitive, kinda funny. A music journalist. A dreamer. Just a regular zebra. :-) TIMJ will always be the best. :-) http://mrtlob.blogspot.com/ h…”