3 people loved milesmendoza’s jam I Don't Want To Change You

roydesmet  Roy de Smet

Into The Beatles, Paul Simon, The Beach Boys, George Harrison…

“A present-day minded songwriter, Roy de Smet does not feel comfortable in safety. Hence, he prefers finding himself in a blizzard of intertextual references and exotic recipes, over riding on a midnig…”

Cornishson73  Daniel Reeves

Into Led Zeppelin, Robin Williams, Eels, Prince…

“This is my bubble, the place I come to escape when the pressures of the world get too much. I love my family (above all else), Music, Snowboarding, Travel and spend far too much time gaming (according…”


Into Johnny Cash, The Kinks, Bobby Womack, Dusty Springfield…

“Music makes you. It brings me laughter, tears, joy and a great topic of conversation over a glass of wine. I have incurable cancer, so I post until my time is up. check out my blog..... www.nickj…”