What people said about mjgBZ32’s jam 'Cause I'm A Man

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6 years, 3 days ago


This album will be awesome!

6 years, 2 days ago


Really do like this a lot.Thank you

6 years, 13 hours ago


Movement is not a band I was expecting the hear here. Are you referring to the Adelaide band? Did you live there?

6 years, 10 hours ago


@mrbootle the ones who have a song called Like Lust. Hopefully they will release a full album soonish. I live on the other side of the earth

6 years, 9 hours ago


hmm nice

6 years, 5 hours ago


Excellent jam!

5 years, 11 months ago


Excellent song - a little trance, a lot Australian (I'm Hoodoo Guru fan and there is an Ausie sound)....got a great rock back beat:) Thanks for turning me on to this:) Why I love this Jam thing...Oh - just heard the break...again trance meets rock - very cool:) and a track for a finger snap - sign me up!

5 years, 11 months ago


@mjgBZ32 ah, I see them. newer band and from Sydney and not the one I was thinking of.