5 people loved mo_nextdoor’s jam New Prince (Crown on the Ground)

katfan  Katie Fannin

Into Bat for Lashes, Stealers Wheel, War, The Smiths…

“"Music. A combination of sounds, with a view to beauty of form and expression of emotion."”

capnhollis  Hollis M Morrow Jr

Into Ike & Tina Turner, Sleater-Kinney, ZZ Top, Bobby "Blue" Bland…

“I'm the chameleon...blend in anywhere, but never am I at home!”

Jzzb  Tonto Ironbeard

Into Keira, Bayonetta OST, MatrixMarioX, Triple-Q…

“Hello all good music listeners! Have some songs from me, English is not my first language but I am learning rapidly, so excuse my nonsense comments that I place below the songs. :) Enjoy my fun songs!”

dantheman69  Daniel Pearson

Into July Talk, Foxygen, Pixies, Sam Cooke…

“Counter•Culture•Kid Happiness is a choice Music is my only love”


Last jam: The End by The Beatles

“Welcome to Beatlemaniacs. We are two long- time TIMJers and friends, but most importantly Beatlemaniacs! We're here to share our love for The Fabs, both together and solo. We'll also play some great c…”