3 people loved porksung’s jam Wigwam

moviedude1893  Jake Bart

Into Neil Young, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys…

“Expect a lot of older stuff to come from me, or, at least, stuff with a more traditional view on matters like tune, lyric, and melody... None of this new-fangled bass dropping bullshit up in here.”

tpjdavies  Toby Davies

Into The Kingsmen, Jimmy Cliff, Talking Heads, Television…

“Dj for 30 years but have a proper job too which interferes with my listening time.Love discovering new stuff from various genres.”

roydesmet  Roy de Smet

Into Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison, America, The Beach Boys…

“A present-day minded songwriter, Roy de Smet does not feel comfortable in safety. Hence, he prefers finding himself in a blizzard of intertextual references and exotic recipes, over riding on a midnig…”