3 people loved slicingeyeballs’s jam Dirty Blvd.

BertrandRustles  Chris

Into The Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, David Bowie…

“Music, pea shooters and catapults. Vinyl Junkie. Am a LOSTie. We have to go back.This Is My Jam was my home from home.”

r_sparrow  R Sparrow

Into Interpol, Sigur Rós, The Beatles, Radiohead…

“ Love travel, good music, soccer, art, history, politics. Top 10 most important bands in my life: Depeche Mode, the Cure, Radiohead, New Order, Joy Division, Sigur Ros, the Smiths, the National, Inter…”

AnalogMeat  SirMikeAlot

Into Spiritualized, Zola Jesus, Martin Finn, Mogwai…

“My name is Mike...”