Karl Burns by 10000 Russos

“Sporting a spooky psych-drone ambiance, a lurid suggestivity, and a bass that mines the fevered gutter depths of the soul, the curiously-named “Karl Burns” by Portugal’s 10000 Russos, in no small way aided by the blinkingly evocative frame-within-a-frame-within-a-frame video that accompanies it, is a dark swath of electronic voodoo pop that you can only desperately hope soundtracks your next dream. What exactly the former drummer in the Fall has to do with this track – or what he thinks about it for that matter – was not clear by the time we went to press. Some mysteries, we have to assume, just demand to remain unsolved.Thats what the reviewers at Stereo Embers said anyway! I would have just said here's some Portuguese psychedelia from 10000 Russos!! Simple...... ;-) NICE AND LOUD..TURN UP THE VOLUME!!”

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