Deadly Sinners by 3 Inches of Blood

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While I was on my lunch, 3 Inches of Blood announced that they are through as a band. These guys were one of the first metal shows I ever went to, and I'm sorry to see them go. Ash Pearson (drums) and Shane Clark (guitars and bass) have both gone on to other bands (Revocation and Bison B.C. respectively), and I'm pretty sure that the other members have stuff on the go as well. Anyway, here's "Deadly Sinners" from 2004's Advance and Vanquish.   2

MrUmlaut 2 Jun 2015


Thrashbrowns 9 Dec 2012

Such a great song. Metal at it's prime here.   1

scottparry06 20 Aug 2012

Man, I love how neckbeard-y this song is

blizzink 13 Apr 2013


JTHomeslice 19 Feb 2013

@Strygalldwir introduced me to 3IOB some time ago. I really wound up enjoying their classic thrash style and overall enthusiasm for the over-the-top aspects of the genre. Good fun all around! We were actually talking about this specific song yesterday, *and* it was the first thing that Pandora played for me this morning. Figured it should go up.

spook27 10 Apr 2015