Up in the Air by 30 Seconds to Mars

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but monique was first  

So excited this exists. Been waiting far too long for a new 3STM jammy jam!

monique 19 Mar 2013

The drums are crazy good throughout the song

robwhitemore1 17 Apr 2014

I can almost forgive the ridiculousness of Jared Leto in this video because, OMG, Dita Von Teese riding a pink-upholstered mechanical bull.

candifer 11 Dec 2013

Going to be touring Australia , Mint!!!!   5

DanielRamsey 19 May 2013

the most immense and beautiful toss I could possibly find

timcaynes 8 Dec 2013

Because Jared Leto is a god.

bsswims 17 Sep 2014