“This band gave new wave pop credibility.”

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This band gave new wave pop credibility.

billannandale 26 Oct 2012

The Honour of Persia from Iran enters the World Cup ranked 43rd by FIFA...This is their third cup appearance...They have not made it out of the group stage and their lone point came from a 1-1 draw with Scotland   10

Shaka 16 Jun 2014

Some days, you just have to get away. #AFlockofSeagulls #IRanSoFarAway #jampreserves #thisismyjam #lastjams   3

deejay 17 Sep 2015

I watched "The Hangover Part II" (again) this evening, and recognised this track while watching the flick. So, here it is.   6

Marlboroman_Mat 10 Nov 2013

Giving in and joining #glamweek

ArdPad 3 Sep 2013