The Sun Always Shines On Tv by a-ha

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but cavill was first  


echtburge 5 May 2015

As beautiful today as it ever was.

wilwheaton 12 Feb 2015

A-Ha has more than one good song.

SweatermanMcGee 1 Jul 2015

I fear the crazed and lonely looks the mirror's sending me these days. FINAL JAM.

CJJC 25 Sep 2015

Let's get on board the burgeoning #ABCsofMe bandwagon, then.

thomasoshea 26 Nov 2014

Several friends said they were going to watch the eclipse on TV today as it was too cloudy in the West of Scotland. So this is my #EclipseJam !   1

purlpower 20 Mar 2015