Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA

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It's the "Uh-Huh" that I love. #whofilmedthis #upshots #balloons #hennarinse #pianoman at 3:08

BerthaSalazar 17 Dec 2013

I know I'm posting Abba, but seriously, the production on the synths is far out. This is a headphone jam.   1

chootka 31 Jan 2015

abba <3   1

beccaandthebox 24 Feb 2014

They announced yesterday that there's going to be an Alan Partridge film, and I just got the TV boxset. AH HA!   3

cjn22 1 May 2012

38 years ago today, ABBA hit #1 in the UK with "Knowing Me, Knowing You" - here's what they looked like (and sounded like!) back then.   1

HackleySchool 2 Apr 2015

A+ song, A+++ video.   4

condorave 23 Jan 2015