Back in Black by AC/DC

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but kellysue was first  


wonaka 25 Aug 2015

New to Spotify, new to so many yung-uns too, which can only be a good thing for the world.   4

isajward919 7 Jul 2015

Best guitar riff.....

rcankan02 28 May 2015

This should wake you up play it loud   3

carwash 4 Nov 2013

Going to Wembley next year   2

carwash 17 Dec 2014

Sods won't allow Ride On which I seriously suggest you check out. These are the evening day of TIMJ and I'm going back to my teenage years. AC/DC I think the only group I saw 3 times, last Bon first Brian UK tours etc. etc.

djh62uk 15 Aug 2015