T.N.T. by AC/DC

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last night's show ruled: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/live-reviews/ac-dc-razor-sharp-at-first-u-s-rock-or-bust-show-20150823

maura 23 Aug 2015

Women to the left of me.. women to the right

gplay 14 Jan 2012

Cos I'm T.N.T. I'm Dynamite AC/DC #müzik

numunedir 15 Jan 2014

picking up the JEDS (Jake Ethan Daniel Sonora-my kids) one night in Arkansas to bring them to my home in Oklahoma for my vacation one summer we took our sweet time...we ate at some pizza joint then started to drive in the night...we were all laughing up a storm while 'talking story' (a term from back home in Hawaii) I wasn't paying attention to the road signs then we see WELCOME TO MISSOURI...what?...I had never been to that state in my adult life...we started laughing at my mistake...fast forward to an hour later...it's late and quiet and as the driver I needed to liven things up for safety reasons so I told them I was gonna play some rock and roll and turn up the volume...they were into some boy band at the time and Brittany Spears...first song on the radio was this and we had a car load chanting OI OI OI along with Bon Scott...next tune was Pink Floyd's MONEY then there was a Lynard Skynard southern fried rocking jam   7

Shaka 21 May 2014

Can FINALLY stream AC/DC. Been way too lazy to convert all my CDs I've been missing this music.   1

kingstontown 30 Jun 2015