Touch Too Much by AC/DC

troybettles’s jam on 20 Aug ’15 and then once after that (See all)

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My favourite AC/DC song, the second Angus solo at the end of the song is an incredible moment.

RealRichHardy 18 Sep 2013

Bon Scott - The last of the romantics

kevinrender7 31 Aug 2013

Bon Scott, one of the great voices in rock, lest we forget.

nottonmusic 7 Mar 2014

My departure Jam. Enjoyed my time here.I'll leave with my favourite band ringing out an Anthemic track from their 1979 opus. See you all @ LetsLoop later in the year. STAY FROSTY !!   14

troybettles 20 Aug 2015

I don't often AC/DC but when I do I prefer the classics.

tweeterwax 30 Apr 2015

I was listening to new wave when this was released but bought it after hearing it for the first time. Say's it all about this band.

NeilBuchanan 5 Dec 2014