Skyfall by Adele

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Winner of the Oscar for Best Original Song!   1

w1llcollins 21 Feb 2013

Holding my breath. And counting till 10...   1

cyberdees 28 Apr 2015

New bond theme!   2

metabrew 6 Oct 2012

Who's seen the new Bond film yet? What do you think?   1

TeamJamPicks 12 Nov 2012

Am a complete Bond freak, so yesterday's announcement of Spectre got me very excited. The casting looks great, but whoever has to do the theme has got to follow this! (in my opinion the best bond theme after Shirl's - no pressure then).   5

moleadot 5 Dec 2014

Epic opening of an epic sequel! ;D

tstrobino 11 Nov 2012