9-5ers Anthem by Aesop Rock

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if I ever make it home today, god bless

tokyotapes 28 Feb 2012

Ironic that I listen to this buried to my neck in code, working for...you guessed it...someone else

evanskaufman 2 May 2012

...it makes us smile if it sounds dope.

thejoshdenk 22 Oct 2013

Now, we, the American Working Population hate the fact that eight hours a day is wasted on chasing the dreams of someone that isn't us. And we may not hate our jobs, but we hate jobs in general that don't have to do with fighting our own causes.

MattSnider 10 Apr 2015


djthumbpro 2 Sep 2013

Take out the "american" and insert "global" and it's pretty much spot on.

timystic 7 Jul 2015