Crime Scene Part One by Afghan Whigs


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My buddy from college is a huge Afghan Whigs fan, and I know little to nothing about them. I'm a big Elbow fan and he knows little to nothing about them. Both have new albums coming out this spring, so we're digging into the unknown. I'll jam a couple Afghan Whigs tunes in a row this week to see if I can get on the bandwagon.   3

kfarrnd 30 Jan 2014

Here's your song of the day. I love the darkness of this album, not like grimdark bullshit darkness but a really noir-ish tone.

dadflannels 8 Feb 2014

'Will you take me for a ride? The one that never ends'

daneolson1971 10 Jul 2014

No words necessary. Sorry Miles, but this might just be their best song.

alexcornetto 20 Mar 2013