Riverside by Agnes Obel

Jeffw’s jam on 22 Mar ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“I love her so much...”

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I love her so much...

Jeffw 23 Aug 2013

First heard when my friend Mo and her choir sang it acapella, fell in love immediately... Spine-tingling, haunting, beautiful.   2

djr 14 Nov 2014

Love Agnes Obel's voice for some reason...

lagerdeluxo 12 Mar 2015

After the guitar noise a sweet fragile song from Denmark's Agnes Obel. Lovely vocals with just a supporting piano.   12

Salvadore 4 Jul 2013

This turned out to be my fav soundtrack for November 2011.

met 2 Dec 2011

Swim with the current and float away.   1

storyletmelive 5 Jan 2015