I'm So Tired of Being Alone by Al Green

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but rockievans was first  

This guy put out a ton of good music in a very short period of time. Mildly funky for Friday.   6

kfarrnd 14 Nov 2014

First heard this song when I was about 12. I used to catch the bus to school with my mate, Dean. I used to walk around to his house, then we'd catch the bus. He had an older sister and one morning I went to his house & heard music coming from his sister's room. It was this song. I was absolutely blown away by it. That introduction to Al Green has stuck with my ever since.

fatfish59 29 Jun 2015

The Master!Thanks to everyone for their kind words and posts on TIMJ.Hope to fit in one more jam and trying to learn to love the loop!   20

tpjdavies 22 Sep 2015