Let's Stay Together by Al Green


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4 the first jammers i followed=@BladeRunner @Kell_Ochoa @Sid_Bonkers @paininthebrum @kemiladashdot @roamin @TreesjeB @florencevibert i wanted to post ''big white cloud'' by john cale but WB screamed ''verboten'' ...   16

kingofmen 21 Aug 2015

Al Green, from Pulp Fiction. Such a great, great soundtrack.

worfrat71 15 May 2015

Al Green - what a voice and a great valentines jam : ) I'm pretty sure I've jammed Al Green before - why wouldn' I - but I can't see any on my jam list .   9

lindatee 13 Feb 2015

@Francineshound Always!

francineshounds 3 May 2015

I like how the "www" looks like an "mmm". Perfect warm autumn afternoon music.   4

McKelvie 29 Sep 2011

It came on while I was @bartelldrugs yesterday, and I've been humming it ever since. #myjam #myjelly #mypeanutbutter #andmypeanuts

heymahea 15 Apr 2015