Tired Of Being Alone by Al Green

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A great performance by Al   2

creepingbent 4 Nov 2013

#imleavingtheband #onmyown not sure but #funkyfriday I love this song. I love watching this performance. He sounds as if he is singing to a specific lady and he is making every lady listening feel as not to mention good old fashioned begging...He went out on his own and left the SOULMATES behind...I have attached a track from his group below for your listening pleasure.   17

SheRa 19 Feb 2015

A little Al Green to sooth the savage beast. His voice wraps itself around you and comforts your weary bones.   1

wizzard 13 Apr 2013

Great live version.   9

tpjdavies 8 Dec 2013

Another green song - an Al Green song, to be specific, "Tired of Being Alone." A soulful start to the weekend!

HackleySchool 20 Mar 2015

Happy New Year, jamsters. Ever wondered how many children have been conceived to an Al Green record? No, me neither but I bet it's quite a few. Anyway, this has some super TV footage of Al, and he does a great armpit fart at around 1:49.   3

twistymellorman 4 Jan 2015