Hold On by Alabama Shakes


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but frischvon was first  

Best of 2012 #4: I mean, what to say? Brittany Howard's voice is amazing.   2

robbfritz 13 Dec 2012

Other version fades before chorus. Balls.

MaSenn 8 Jun 2015

sorry the other video wasnt good   2

guitarman 3 Mar 2015

"So, Bless your heart & bless mine too."

jgurlvance 27 Aug 2015

What's all the clamour you ask?!?!? Well quite simply, they're that good! Why haven't I jamed them before? Good question... This track 'Hold On' is from the debut album 'Boys & Girls', which they released back in March 2012, Alabama Shakes is my new music crush.   8

Cornishson73 18 May 2015

Great Song from a great band, who hails from a great place, North Alabama. This was before they "made it big". Was performed at Pegasus Records in Florence (the Shoals), Alabama.

tgill7 11 Sep 2015