I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why) by Alabama

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A song for Today. Hurry Hurry wonder what would happen if we all just stopped and took a breathe.

sasmeaton21 15 Feb 2013

Yes. This is needed on a day like today.

britl 10 Aug 2012

Country music thrown into my folk and rap love. An oldy that is sooooo true.

anjamaka 12 Feb 2013

The European half of Team Jam is shaking their heads at the Canadian half for this one. LET'S GET THINGS DONE   1

TeamJamPicks 10 Aug 2012

Love this classic !Gets me goin in the mornin!

LDSHousewife 23 May 2013

New jam Inspired by my speeding ticket today. Thanks, @slowb1rd.

Marino 9 Aug 2012