Black Velvet by Alannah Myles


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This came on in the mailroom this afternoon. I loved that the mail clerk had great taste in music. In fact, I am thankful for that, because I do associate this song with my youth and yet I never even knew the name of it or even the artist. Sort of like when I shazammed "Be My Baby" and realized I never knew the name or the artist of that either! It reminds me of my "Low Rider" epiphany over the summer ... "Oh, he is saying low rider?!"... now I can't even remember what I thought he was saying. It is sort of like the name Hermione or Ginny, once you heard what it was supposed to sound like, you couldn't go back to pronouncing it the wrong way.... or maybe I could Guinea that was totally it wasn't it?!

gabee1148 25 Sep 2015

saw her and robert plant at portland maine excellent concert

guitarman 23 Jan 2015

Been singing this all morning since I heard it on radio :)   12

ada23 22 May 2015

Why you love it? Your favorite lyric? Something else? (optional)this song reminds me of a long hot summer!

cowbaygal 28 Jun 2015