Elected by Alice Cooper


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Voting today all over the UK. Well, we know it'll do absolutely no good, but still........ I'd vote for Alice if he were an option, or vote for Kermit the Frog because we're bound to end up with Muppets in Parliament as usual. Oh well, just enjoy the music!


#ElectionJamming A short series of musical accompaniments to the UK GE2015. Listening is not an endorsement. Some are tenuous at best, please feel free to join in with some non-partisan musical protestations.   7

adrian4acn 21 Apr 2015

I like the chimp with the wheelbarrow full of cash. Oh, there's an election in the US on November 6, too.   6

curtywyshart 4 Nov 2012


ThirdMan 23 Feb 2012

Seems apt

andyfree 7 May 2015

Yesterday we had local election day here in Holland. That brings me to this song, back to the old days again :-)   14

caronline 20 Mar 2014