Baby, Now That I've Found You by Alison Krauss

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but DavidHughes was first  

I was introduced to Alison some 20 years when she was 14-15 and have loved her ever since. Foundations' hit   1

DavidHughes 22 May 2012

Now that TIMJ is limping to a close, shot down like an arrow through an angel, I'll end my journey with my favourite artist ever and the song that first brought her to my attention, a rare cover of The Foundations' hit which Macaulay/McLeod would never have known was a pure bluegrass song.#farewellTIMJ

DavidHughes 18 Aug 2015

Not much in life is perfect. I think this is.   3

spacegirlgail 8 Jan 2013

Just because she loved it...

andreweverard 24 Mar 2014