Hands by Alpine

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“Lovely melodies from even lovelier ladies.”

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Lovely melodies from even lovelier ladies.

music 9 Feb 2012

it's okay / to feel the rain / on my hands / my love / my enemy   5

dominikus 10 May 2013

Please post thoughts on WTF is going on in this video.   5

ListeningMan 20 Aug 2012

I liked so much these sexys girls and her love for her hands :) Hands, by Alpine a Aussie band, is the song.   1

pmtape 15 Mar 2012

It's OK to feel the rain on my hands...

JesnsAlvrdVlvrd 7 Jun 2014

One of my faves of the last few years. You can find the video easily, but as I came to it without seeing them, I'm not really interested in mixing my image with their video. The song is good enough as is.

stevezach 30 Apr 2014