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"And when the wizard gets to me I'm asking for a smaller heart..."

dreamoutloud 24 Apr 2014

Amanda Palmer represents the kind of artist that connects with her audience on a personal level, strengthening the bond between her and her fans by standing at their level, or, alternatively, bringing them to her level, making them as much a part of a given show, as much a part of her very career, as she is.

FinalDestiny 15 May 2013

I like this song mostly because I saw it one of the first times Amanda played it live and she told this story about going to a hatchery with Neil in the early days of their friend/courtship where they were mostly writing back and forth on this one guys jacket a lot...??? Anyway they went with some friends to this fish hatchery and the owner guy gave them a tour and then gutted a fish and put its still-beating heart out for them to look at and they all challenged each other to make some sort of art about it. AND WHAT I LIKE IS that the beginning is really specifically about that but then it meanders off into miscellaneous other topics and shit gets deep and real and depressing, and she refers to a "6-sided-die" and I first heard it like, the same month I became familiar with dice other than 6-sided onces and now I'm like "DICE!!!". The night of the show, it was really eclipsed by "The Bed Song" but sometimes I think it is the best slower song on this album.

therin 26 Sep 2013

I´d put the whole album if I could as its been on repeat since I got it! But this one gets the winning vote!!

Squirrel 15 Nov 2012

And when the wizard gets to me I'm asking for a smaller heart And if he tells me "no" I'll hold my breath until I hit the floor Eventually I'm know I'm doomed To get what I am asking for

ginnylurcock 15 Sep 2015