Ukelele Anthem by Amanda Palmer

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This one's for Tom, of course. Holy f#ck it's so fantastic. #lastjams number 4: Amanda Palmer - Ukulele Anthem

mwkelley 30 Aug 2015

Just for funsies. I can't listen to this tune without a big dumb grin spreading across my stupid face.   4

crawtonleek 22 Nov 2013

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Swami 17 Sep 2015

"A ukulele has four strings, but Sid did not play ukulele/He did smack and probably killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen"

thomthumb84 25 Aug 2015

Sometimes, it's easy to understand how people fall in love. For example, everyone falls in love with Amanda Palmer about halfway through this.

vermilious 3 Mar 2015

froggyk 31 Dec 2011