1 Thing by Amerie


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but mynameismike was first  

Still sounds amazing.. love that drum track.

mynameismike 3 Mar 2012

"gobble gobble gobble" cc @archive_girl   4

marcellerby 24 Mar 2013

Just trying to remember if there's ever been a better song recorded than this, and pretty sure that there hasn't   1

sockformation 16 Dec 2013

Happy Summer, 2005 Style, NYC! 1 Thing by Amerie is my new jam.

eemer5 30 May 2013

@Clarkle @juliasheele dudes! I'm getting the train over there, we're gonna go dancing girlfriends!!   4

tulalotay 1 Dec 2012

Still very much in a pop mood. This, much like my last jam, was featured in a Grand Theft Auto sequel (San Andreas and V respectively) and neither one could be shifted from my head once it had got in. Not that I'm complaining.   3

crawtonleek 25 Apr 2014