Fuck Me Pumps by Amy Winehouse

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AMY WINEHOUSE all day every day. #fuckmepumps #bb #RIP   1

sarasauruscats 5 Feb 2014

I just started to like some of Amy Winehouse's songs. I hadn't heard this one before... I kind of like the mellowness of the groove (beat and melody) paired with the sharp and witty lyrics.

OBLuchion 25 May 2015

Love Amy :) Fuck me pumps. One of my favourite songs from her Frank album

bibliotechbabe 22 Jun 2013

We all know a few of these type of girls! lol

lililove 29 Feb 2012

Saw the documentary 'Amy' today. A real modern day tragedy, too many people riding the gravy train whatever the cost to the driver. Sad but compelling. It's always nice to remember what she was like before the clouds rolled in.

AndyMack 9 Sep 2015

I just can't get enough of Amy

andrasreka96 14 Jul 2015