Lazy Projector by Andrew Bird


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Bo12: Andrew Bird! On this live cut he plays violin, then guitar, while singing high chorus riffs, lead vocals and even whistling! A idiosyncratic tour de force.

restless941 16 Dec 2013

This song has haunted me lately.

alykat 12 Mar 2012

Another big favorite from the 2012 files....

hilldavids 16 Dec 2012

Have been madly smitten with his work as of late. This is one of my favorites so far

malevolosidade 9 Jun 2012

A track from the new album "Break It Yourself " At times feels like he is channeling early Van Morrison

NickMacDonald 8 Mar 2012

That forgetting, embellishing, lying machine...

hbellson 30 Apr 2014