White Fire by Angel Olsen

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I love that Angel rocks out on her new album, but the song that stuck with me is this Leonardcohenesque slow burner. (This is really a rejam from @Gummi except I couldn't get his link to play.)   18

thisismymistake 16 Feb 2014

So I turned on a picture show, I disappeared the lines. As memories came flooding in, the tears blew up my eyes.

caspar_v 7 Feb 2015

I'm so obsessed with this album. This has been my soundtrack for writing the last week.   2

forgivemehera 5 Jan 2014

It's been a while since I've been blown away by a song.

ruuder 17 Dec 2014

This was a memorable part of her show Friday night.   7

kdd 19 May 2014

Thanks to @thisismymistake for introducing me to the delectable Ms Olsen. I've literally not been able to get this track out of my head since first hearing it last week, so much so that the album is now winging it's merry way to me as I speak.   4

BelloDiNotte 20 Feb 2014