Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective

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but Hugodrax was first  

You slide down the stairs to the eager street and the sun is left with slippery feet and I want to walk around with you...

AndyJoe83 1 Sep 2015

Forgotten just how good this album is...   2

NLyman 4 May 2012

Definitely time to break out the summertime clothes...   3

KBro 1 Jun 2013

After 13 straight listens, i would argue it's more anthemic than Ramones' I don't wanna walk around with you   2

Matan 12 Apr 2013

the rhythm motors along, relentless

isajward919 22 Jun 2013

Another all-time favorite as TIMJ shuts down. In love with the image these lyrics paint of insomniatic restlessness alleviated by companionship. /// Nowhere to go while our bodies glow / and I want to walk around with you / just you, just you, just you, just you / don't cool off— I like your warmth

c3o 22 Sep 2015