Birds by Anouk

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“This is my test channel. #EurovisionSongcontest Outtake from the semi-finals on Tuesday”

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This is my test channel. #EurovisionSongcontest Outtake from the semi-finals on Tuesday   1

dutchbeeblebrox 16 May 2013

Great song -too good for Eurovision!

Edgarpole 23 May 2013

The whole album is fantastic.

mattivx 25 May 2013

Come fly with Anouk - Netherlands FTW!

SophiaPangloss 20 Mar 2013

Still just adore this song...

mattivx 10 Mar 2014

Throughout my own experiences of the sixty long, long years of the Eurovision Song Contest, I've heard many awful songs, many from the UK going right to the beginning and including some winners. I have only ever really liked three songs. This years 'Heroes' is one of them actually. Maybe I'm just in the mood for it currently. The second was Italy's first entry in fourteen years in 2011, 'Follia d'amore' performed and written by Raphael Gualazzi, a favourite singer of mine. It came second, although it had won competitions elsewhere. The third one is this one by Anouk. It was The Netherland's first final in nine years and came ninth in 2013. It was also written by the singer. #hopeyoulikeit   2

jovisgoesnuts 26 May 2015